Want Feedback, Work in Gallery

June 10, 2008

Hello, my name is Vincent. I have a piece currently on display in the gallery and would like feedback/criticism on it. Please post feedback here, or if you are uncomfortable doing so, please send it to me directly at vincentalpino@mac.com. Thanks.

For any late term Fine Art student at Art Center, it should be nothing new to work passionately on something, haul it in to school, show it, and not get the response/criticism expected. We are told time and time again that this very criticism, soon to be unavailable to us in the real world, is one of the more valuable components of our education, a fact I firmly agree with. It’s unfortunate then that at times, due to scheduling, negligence, inconsideration, or any number of other situations, we, or certain elements of our work, are left unaddressed. This is far worse then even negative feedback as it gives us absolutely nothing new to consider, and therefore no opportunity for growth. This happened to me today. I worked intently on something that I had no opportunity to discuss other then the momentary answering of a seemingly (to me) unrelated question. So I’m here to share some of my thoughts on the piece and hopefully to collect some of yours. 

The piece is titled “Overlooker”. Basically it’s a network cable glued to itself and the wall, and it forms the word “Omnipotence”. Formally speaking, it is made of an object normally found attached to a wall; an object that transfers information. The other physical object involved is the glue, which holds the form of the piece together invisibly. Beyond the formal, the word itself “Omnipotence”, meaning “all knowing or almighty”, is historically associated only with God, but in more contemporary times, may be a widely accepted metaphor for an all-knowing body of knowledge; the internet. Finally the title “Overlooker”, suggests a singular entity overlooking something, whether God or viewer or otherwise. It also doesn’t clarify how the overlooker is overlooking (i.e. whether they are seeing or not seeing). In these terms the piece perhaps doesn’t define itself as much as it defines some parameters where a viewers mind might bounce around for awhile. 

I’d appreciate informed praise of my genius, loathing for my stupidity, or anything inbetween should anyone be considerate enough to write it. 

Additionally I’d like to offer a suggestion that anyone interested in meeting or forming a group, whether formally through school or privately, whose purpose it is to discuss our work critically, contact me. I’d be more then happy to meet at school or offer my home as a meeting place…and even make brownies. 

Thank you,



Open Platform

June 5, 2008

Infopo Student Blog, Fine Art at Art Center

June 4, 2008

This blog is set-up for students in the Fine Art Department at Art Center College of Design. For general department information go to: http://www.artcenter.edu/fineart/infopo.

Enjoy, and be safe.